Friday, July 29, 2011

Karipap :D

Someone has actually fulfilled her promise yesterday! I got my karipap (ate some there and few pieces to take home too!), as promised by a very nice lady. TQ auntie for making me delicious karipap. That's so kind of you.

I plan to cook onde-onde as a return next week, iA. Wait and see.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My day

1. I was chased and barked loudly by a little dog on my way to the clinic today. Fuhhh, adrenaline rush early in the morning. What a 'great' start!

2. Today's teaching sessions were mostly about computer programming used in GP land (zzzz..)

3. We had a podcast lecture on 'Obesity as one of the major chronic disease in Australia'. Interesting facts to share; people who was obese in early childhood (kinder kids) will be at higher risk to become obese when he/she gets older. Same principle applies to kids at secondary school. Therefore, to all parents, do monitor your kid's weight closely and seriously. And yeah, 'apple-shaped' obesity is more dangerous than 'pear-shaped' obesity.

4. Received an email from an admin officer today saying that my session tomorrow will be rescheduled to 1st of September 2011. Ok, I don't know whether I should regard this as a good news or not, I will have a day off tomorrow (finally! for nearly 4 weeks..) BUT I certainly need to reschedule my GP placement again. Peningnya. I will have a triple-GP-session in a week and I'm sure it will be much more tiring.

5. Beras dah habis kat rumah. Sedih.

6. I decided to stop by at a restaurant today but it turned out that the restaurant was closed! Ya Allah, sabar sabar. I had to walk back home after that.

7. Duit JPA masuk harini. Alhamdulillah. (that's the only good news for the day, I think)

p/s: I want to go to the beach. It has been quite some time now :(

"Ya Allah, jadikan aku hambaMu yang bersyukur.. ameen"

Saturday, July 23, 2011


I was browsing through some pictures on my friend's page and I saw this photo. It reminds me of Mummy and her kiddies. But now, Mummy has left us forever. She has been with us for almost 13/14 years I would say. She left us with lots of memories indeed.

"Thank you Mummy for being a part of our family. Your presence will be missed, your voice, your forgetful symptoms.. I am sure ibu and everyone at home will miss you more. You responded well to what we were talking, as if you understood us well. You waited for us in front of our door whenever we went out, even for days/weeks, without fail. May you rest in peace, Mummy. Dan moga ada sahamnya utk kami sekeluarga di akhirat kelak..." ;(

This is the last photo of Mummy that I captured end of last year. Mummy and her kittens.
She died on Monday, 18th July 2011 at 10pm (acc. to ibu).

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sometimes we don't get what we expect

Just want to share this one slide (taken from my Wound Management's lecture given by Prof Sussman last week):


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hadith kelebihan malam nisfu Syaaban

Dari Ibnu Majah dari Ali ra. dari Nabi saw bersabda bermaksud,

“Apabila tiba malam Nisfu Syaaban, lalu berqiyamullail pada malamnya, dan berpuasa di siangnya, maka sesungguhnya Allah swt turun ke langit dunia ketika matahari terbenam dan berfirman, “Adakah disana orang yang memohon keampunan, lalu Aku mengampunkan dia ? Adakah di sana orang yang memohon rezeki, lalu Aku memberi dia rezeki ? Adakah di sana orang yang di beri ujian bala bencana, lalu Aku menyejahterakan dia ? Adakah di sana … adakah di sana … ? sehingga terbit fajar”.

Insha Allah, jom niat bangun malam ni. :)

p/s: thank you ibu for your warm reminder. Hampir lupa dek kesibukan dunia huhu.

Friday, July 15, 2011


At this moment, my brain just can't work anymore.
I desperately need rest. Oh Allah, help me.

I rather wake up early tomorrow and continue working with my long to-do-list. Not free even on weekends though. Sad. I shall reward myself after all the hard work.

Anyway, there are few things that really made my day today in the clinic:

1. I've met a very nice Singaporean lady (she's one of the GP too). She was trying to catch up with me since last week but she was very occupied with patients back then. Today she introduced herself to me and we talked a lot! ..and the great news is that she promised to cook me karipap before the month of Ramadhan! She even asked me where can she get the halal chicken to cook that. Hooray!

2. I've made few diagnosis during the consultations, and there were.... alhamdulillah :)

3. I've made new med friend, and she offered to send me home, but sadly I refused her because she went home wayyy too early than me. Taknak susahkan dia tunggu lama sgt. Maybe next week, hopefully we'll end the day around the same time

p/s: These days, I did a lot of 'muhasabah diri', and I learnt a lot about myself too. Alhamdulillah. Takpe, semua penat lelah dunia kerana Allah. Moga ada ganjaran di sisiNya.

you know the time when you just want to lie down on bed,
not thinking about anything
although back in your mind you have lots and lots of things to do?
i'm just tired..

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

After a looooooong pause

Salam to all readers,

I've been procrastinating for years to update my blog, and at once I almost deleted my blog. Thanks to my lovely ibu for stopping me from doing that, and I decided to leave it.
And just recently I've been thinking to continue writing again :) :)

Insha Allah, I'll keep on sharing my thoughts and everything.

p/s: I'm doing my GP rotation at the moment, and life is getting busy and busy each day T_T however, i do enjoy it! Alhamdulillah..