Saturday, March 14, 2009


Dan buatkanlah untuk mereka (manusia) perumpamaan kehidupan dunia ini, ibarat air (hujan) yang Kami turunkan dari langit, sehingga menyuburkan tumbuh-tumbuhan di bumi, kemudian (tumbuh-tumbuhan) itu menjadi kering yang diterbangkan oleh angin. Dan Allah Maha Kuasa atas segala sesuatu.
This verse from The Noble Quran makes me think for awhile today, muhasabah diri; about LIFE, our journey as a khalifah, daie in this world. Just want to share with anyone who reads this. Baca dan fikirkan. Wassalam.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thanks a bunch everyone!

It is my 21st birthday (5 March 2009), and I'd received many warm wishes from everyone that I love; phone calls, texts, facebook's messages, friendster's messages, ym's status :)
U are so great! So sweet indeed.

Here, I would like to thank people that I love, my dearest and everyone around me;
Jazakumullahu khairan katheera
Thank u so much!
Thanks for always being there for me.
And I would like to quote a message frm ibu, that means so much to me:
21 thn lalu lahirlah seorang insan istimewa kpd kami berdua.. Alhamdulillah.."

Monday, March 2, 2009

The journey has just started.

Alhamdulillah wa syukurillah :)

I just started my first day of uni as a 2nd year med student yesterday (2nd March 2009). Alhmdulillah, everything went on smoothly; met new and old friends. Ouh, i have a new resolution this year; make myself more comfy at the class and challenge myself to participate actively in the tutorials. Lembutkan lisanku Ya Allah.

This year, I need to survive alone, since banyak classes I will be alone. Not alone physically, but 'psychologically'. Hihi, I mean, I am the only Malaysian in the class. Takpe, I can survive iA. This is what I am going to face for the rest of the year. So, be tough!

This year, we will be covering more on thorax region, including heart. Jadi, I have been inspired by ibu! :) iA, I'll do my very best ibu. And the first task that I've volunteered myself to do is to present to the class about the structure of the heart, which will be done on Friday. Waah. Good start, huh. Permudahkan segala urusanku Ya Allah.

That's all for now. Need more rest today since yesterday I had class from 8am-5pm (it is just our first day of uni and it has been soooooo tiring, yet satisfying..)

Love everyone at home, take care ok!